5 must-have integrations of Imagicle Attendant Console.

22 September | 11.30 AM - 12.15 PM EDT

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Get a complete overview of Imagicle Attendant Console’s integrations, including:

  • CRM/ERP integration to enable automatic pop-up with caller information before, after, or during a call;
  • Webex integration, allowing to use Webex Client as a softphone with the Imagicle Attendant Console and enabling smart operator stations with MRA support (NO VPN required);
  • SingleWire integration with a dedicated Panic button available within the Attendant Console, to trigger instant emergency notifications in one click through Singlewire’s InformaCast application;
  • Presence and calendar integration with MS Calendar for a quick and comprehensive view of your colleague’s availability;
  • MS Teams presence status integration regardless of your Calling Platforms, also in hybrid environments;

Andrea Sonnino
Senior Tech Solution Specialist